New York World Film
Festival 2020 Nominations
and Official Selections


Narrative Short 

Who Wants to Live with Barney Johnson Anyway  - Sylvie Kittel

AMERICAN MARRIAGE - Giorgio Arcelli Fontana

PANDA - Jacob Fangel Løgstrup

TrainFish - Christian Ewald

UMAMA - Talia Smith

Bruised FruitChristopher Jarvis

Dragonfly - Nicholas Marchetti


Documentary Short 

Asheng  - Mohammad Sadeq Esmaeili

For the Record- Stuart Acker Holt

Because They Were Hurt - Chun Gee Hong

Warriors of Education - Karen Sarah Watson

Gifts of Life: Profiles in Courage From the Transplant Community - Michael David Drucker


Stanley Stellar: Here for This Reason - Eric Leven


Experimental Short 

O - chloe dupeyrat

HOMO DEUS Slave to the Rhythm of Medicine - Wolfgang Schmiedt

At the Time - Nathan Johnson

Iowa - Carlos Dengler

Micro Short 

Marysia’s Majątek - Jane and Gil Korman

Rendez-vous - Jimmy Boutry, Thibaud Chaufourier

Go back 3 spaces - Stefano Schiavone

Self-Portrait - Elana Emer

Peer - Shayna Strype , Ada Defriez

ArchiPaper - Rafal Barnas


Student Short 

Mutual Aid Association - Feng Linzhe

When Summer Comes - Jiwon Uhm

Benson's Playground - Jad Jacob

Moving Day - Regev Berkovitz


Young Directors
(18 y.o. and Under)

Durian - Caitlyn Phu

Unforgettable - Luke Mullen

Rita - Will Nordstrom

(dis)connected -  Brynn Dickman

Stronger than Steel - Jacob Pincus

Dichrome - Weston Snider

MANUEL - Javier Robles Álvarez


Official Selections

Narrative Short 

The Bathroom - Yektacan ÖZÇİFT

Little French Fish - Eva Lanska

RSVP - Asia Levtov, Evgeny Ruman

Red Necks - Patrick Seda

Lizzy's Plan - Joshua Lang

Unstately - Paul Cuoco

The absences - Hansel Porras Garcia

First & Last - Brendan Beachman

Hometown Hero - Nevin George, Fabio Rothlin

The Miracle Twerker - Nicolas Minas

Bus Stop - Tomas Uhliarik

CHEYENNE - Gerard Corporon

Ghost of a Chance - Manes Duerr

Happy Birthday - Al Sutton

Crazy For The Blonde - Mark Clauburg

Dorris 85 - Grace Philips

Another Round - Brandon Regina

RUBY BABY - Lee Mcqueen

That Good Night - Robert Rosenbaum

Experimental Short 

Studies at Huningue / Basel or the tree to sleep - Lutz P. Kayser

SADS - Jamie McRae

Lamentation - Marissa J. WIlliams

Le Vice - Joue Rouge

Student Short 

Atonement - Veronika Kozlowska

Evasion - Yunbing Li

Room - Rinchen Drogha


All Night Long - Mike Klubeck


Sixth Grade - Yuzhuo Wang


Circular - Ali J. Dalloul


The Eighth - Siyun Liu


One Night - Kari Ulfsson


Soccer Dreams - Åsa Welande

《Childhood died in Summer》 - 刘渝杉


Brother - Tulsi Shivaanand

Documentary Short 

The Next Stop - Jonathan Pearson

Inspired | The Story of NIMANY - Auctus Productions

Little Rink - Lisa Melmed

Street Heroines: Magrela - Alexandra M Henry

FENICE | Running for Life - Carolina Di Lazzaro, Giorgio Ghiotto

Holistic Health Community: an emerging healthcare model based on the Economics of Generosity - Flicker Filmworks

Stacy - Phil Garrison

The Golden State Journey - KC Deane

The Unsung - Sarah Thomas

Los Espartanos - Elliot Morgan Constable

LOVE ME - Mathieu Lee

One:One Ratio - Jay Gunning

Triple Cantilevers: Grinding to a Halt - Lisa Donneson

ThanksGiving Back - Dustin Wolfe

Living with the rarest of rare diseases - Shako Liu

The Fourth Kingdom - Alex Lora-Cercos, Adan Aliaga

The Ravenite - Dennis Mohr, Morgan Schmidt-Feng

1st Little Ladies -  April Gatling


Micro Short 

THE WORLD IS (Y)OURS - Tanya Noushka

Brighten Up Her Day - Jose Andres Cortes

O Rage ! - Florent Sabatier

A Man Called Imafuku - Michael Wallach

Love Always Prevails - Jacob Watson, CliffCo and Operation Smile

Peach Cobbler - Andrew Huggins

cruel world - Hansel Porras Garcia

Nonunion Girl Ep 1: THAT 

Girl at auditions - Darby Puckett

Crackers in Bed - Alison Loeb

Escape - Julián Garnik

Shorty - Juliana Mora

Young Directors
(18 y.o. and Under)

MY RED BALL  - Esabella Strickland

Obolus - Caitlyn L. Palermo

HELP - Maggie Ding


For Your Memory - Katrina Kwok


Tabula Rasa US - Sarah Carmen MARLIN


CyberMom - Britney Bautista

Faces - Wesley Wang


The Vase - Wesley Wang, Dev Mitra


When Darkness Falls - Emilie Kroyer


True Colors of Society - Samu Gabor


Home: Joselyn's Story - Susana Torres, Griselda Martinez, Isabel Lozano, Leonie Sarath, Nattaly Gomez


Senior Sisters, Never Too Grey - Ahtziri Gonzalez, Jennifer Cordova, Ana Navarro


Amy - Srija Jami


My Unfunny Valentine - Nussy Andrews


Heart of Bill - A Ace Swann

Light - Martin Chichovski