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NYWFF 2022

December 11th
Stuart Cinema & Café

Press Release NYWFF 2022

Dec 11th - 2022

New York World Film Festival Announces Lineup. Awards & Honors. 

“Office” & “Space Force” actor Chris Gethard to headline short film fest on Dec 11th

Stuart Cinema, Brooklyn, New York – the New York World Film Festival has announced its lineup for the December 11th at the Stuart Cinema in Brooklyn, New York. 

Over twenty short films from all over the world will be part of the event.


We are so proud to have so many strong films this year. We are even more proud of how international we are - this year we accepted 27 submissions from 9 different countries!,” said Co-Founder & Festival Director Dasha Khritankova. “As a foreigner trying to conquer the US film industry myself, it is such a gift to provide a platform for other international storytellers in one of the world’s most international cities, New York!”

The festival is in its third year, and has screened hundreds of films from all over the world. Among the selections are: 

OMNES MORIMUR  - Sandra Camargo
Breakfast at the Bodega - Marina Barham
5 Tips and Tricks in A Relationship - Maria Belafonte
Dear Departed  - Alexandra Caulfield
Somewhere in Time - Nawaf Al Janahi
The F Word - Alex & Paul Cannon

The Last Photo Walk  - Mazen Hamed Alhaj Salem
URGE TO LIVE - Alexandra Roca
EVERYTHING BUT FEAR - Bryan  Brousseau

Unborn  - Sasha Marie Speer
Landfall - Kate Weare, Jack Flame Sorokin

Knights When We Dream - Cody Michael Southgate
Torn - Ron Sonedecker
La jeune poule mange des grains de blé -  Berbier Anne
​Visual Poetry: Self Love - Sofia Monzerratt
Blackness is Everything - Alba Roland Mejia
A Year Of Sundays - Dameme Jeremie

9th of Autumn - Marina Xarri
The Morin Khuur - Junyan Ivan Chen
Raíces - Laura Gauch
What nobody talks about - Hansine Killingmoe Såstad
MOANIN' - Jason Michael Perniciaro

The Invite -  Jax Terry
Back In Five - Stephen Pierce
Eighteen - Lynette Aslanian

YOUNG DIRECTORS (18 y.o. And Under)
Lack of Eggs - Juanpa Brenis
The Return: A Covid-19 Story - Jeffrey Huangt


Awards Jury included cinematographer Nona Catusanu, Actress & TV host Cristina Castro, & actress Genevieve Shi. 

Doors will open at 12:30pm. Screenings are at 1:00p, 3:00p, with the premiere slot and Awards presentations at 5:30p. 

Tickets are available at the door and on eventbrite

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