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New York World Film Festival 2020

Due to covid-19 pandemic NYWFF 2020 took place online from June 3rd to June 8th, 2020.

NYWFF Award Winners 2020

Best Narrative Film - PANDA, dir. Jacob Fangel Løgstrup

Best Experimental Film  - HOMO DEUS Slave to the Rhythm of Medicine, dir. Wolfgang Schmiedt


Best Student Film - When Summer Comes, dir. Jiwon Uhm

Best Young Director's Film  - MANUEL, dir. Javier Robles Álvarez

Special Mention - Weston Snider (Dichrome)

Best Micro Short Film - ArchiPaper, dir. Rafal Barnas



*documentary category doesn't have a winner this year

NYWFF Nominations 2020

Narrative Short 

Who Wants to Live with Barney Johnson Anyway  - Sylvie Kittel

AMERICAN MARRIAGE - Giorgio Arcelli Fontana

PANDA - Jacob Fangel Løgstrup

TrainFish - Christian Ewald

UMAMA - Talia Smith

Bruised FruitChristopher Jarvis

Dragonfly - Nicholas Marchetti


Experimental Short 

O - chloe dupeyrat

HOMO DEUS Slave to the Rhythm of Medicine - Wolfgang Schmiedt

At the Time - Nathan Johnson

Iowa - Carlos Dengler

Student Short 

Mutual Aid Association - Feng Linzhe

When Summer Comes - Jiwon Uhm

Benson's Playground - Jad Jacob

Moving Day - Regev Berkovitz


Documentary Short 

Asheng  - Mohammad Sadeq Esmaeili

For the Record- Stuart Acker Holt

Because They Were Hurt - Chun Gee Hong

Warriors of Education - Karen Sarah Watson

Gifts of Life: Profiles in Courage From the Transplant Community - Michael David Drucker


Stanley Stellar: Here for This Reason - Eric Leven


Micro Short 

Marysia’s Majątek - Jane and Gil Korman

Rendez-vous - Jimmy Boutry, Thibaud Chaufourier

Go back 3 spaces - Stefano Schiavone

Self-Portrait - Elana Emer

Peer - Shayna Strype , Ada Defriez

ArchiPaper - Rafal Barnas


Young Directors
(18 y.o. and Under)

Durian - Caitlyn Phu

Unforgettable - Luke Mullen

Rita - Will Nordstrom

(dis)connected -  Brynn Dickman

Stronger than Steel - Jacob Pincus

Dichrome - Weston Snider

MANUEL - Javier Robles Álvarez


NYWFF Official Selections 2020

Narrative Short 

The Bathroom - Yektacan ÖZÇİFT

Little French Fish - Eva Lanska

RSVP - Asia Levtov, Evgeny Ruman

Red Necks - Patrick Seda

Lizzy's Plan - Joshua Lang

Unstately - Paul Cuoco

The absences - Hansel Porras Garcia

First & Last - Brendan Beachman

Hometown Hero - Nevin George, Fabio Rothlin

The Miracle Twerker - Nicolas Minas

Bus Stop - Tomas Uhliarik

CHEYENNE - Gerard Corporon

Ghost of a Chance - Manes Duerr

Happy Birthday - Al Sutton

Crazy For The Blonde - Mark Clauburg

Dorris 85 - Grace Philips

Another Round - Brandon Regina

RUBY BABY - Lee Mcqueen

That Good Night - Robert Rosenbaum

Documentary Short 

The Next Stop - Jonathan Pearson

Inspired | The Story of NIMANY - Auctus Productions

Little Rink - Lisa Melmed

Street Heroines: Magrela - Alexandra M Henry

FENICE | Running for Life - Carolina Di Lazzaro, Giorgio Ghiotto

Holistic Health Community: an emerging healthcare model based on the Economics of Generosity - Flicker Filmworks

Stacy - Phil Garrison

The Golden State Journey - KC Deane

The Unsung - Sarah Thomas

Los Espartanos - Elliot Morgan Constable

LOVE ME - Mathieu Lee

One:One Ratio - Jay Gunning

Triple Cantilevers: Grinding to a Halt - Lisa Donneson

ThanksGiving Back - Dustin Wolfe

Living with the rarest of rare diseases - Shako Liu

The Fourth Kingdom - Alex Lora-Cercos, Adan Aliaga

The Ravenite - Dennis Mohr, Morgan Schmidt-Feng

1st Little Ladies -  April Gatling


Experimental Short 

Studies at Huningue / Basel or the tree to sleep - Lutz P. Kayser

SADS - Jamie McRae

Lamentation - Marissa J. WIlliams

Le Vice - Joue Rouge

Micro Short 

THE WORLD IS (Y)OURS - Tanya Noushka

Brighten Up Her Day - Jose Andres Cortes

O Rage ! - Florent Sabatier

A Man Called Imafuku - Michael Wallach

Love Always Prevails - Jacob Watson, CliffCo and Operation Smile

Peach Cobbler - Andrew Huggins

cruel world - Hansel Porras Garcia

Nonunion Girl Ep 1: THAT 

Girl at auditions - Darby Puckett

Crackers in Bed - Alison Loeb

Escape - Julián Garnik

Shorty - Juliana Mora

Student Short 

Atonement - Veronika Kozlowska

Evasion - Yunbing Li

Room - Rinchen Drogha


All Night Long - Mike Klubeck


Sixth Grade - Yuzhuo Wang


Circular - Ali J. Dalloul


The Eighth - Siyun Liu


One Night - Kari Ulfsson


Soccer Dreams - Åsa Welande

《Childhood died in Summer》 - 刘渝杉


Brother - Tulsi Shivaanand

Young Directors
(18 y.o. and Under)

MY RED BALL  - Esabella Strickland

Obolus - Caitlyn L. Palermo

HELP - Maggie Ding


For Your Memory - Katrina Kwok


Tabula Rasa US - Sarah Carmen MARLIN


CyberMom - Britney Bautista

Faces - Wesley Wang


The Vase - Wesley Wang, Dev Mitra


When Darkness Falls - Emilie Kroyer


True Colors of Society - Samu Gabor


Home: Joselyn's Story - Susana Torres, Griselda Martinez, Isabel Lozano, Leonie Sarath, Nattaly Gomez


Senior Sisters, Never Too Grey - Ahtziri Gonzalez, Jennifer Cordova, Ana Navarro


Amy - Srija Jami


My Unfunny Valentine - Nussy Andrews


Heart of Bill - A Ace Swann

Light - Martin Chichovski

NYWFF Jury 2020


Nawaf Al Janahi

Nawaf Al Janahi is an actor and a film director who was born in Abu Dhabi (UAE) on 7 February 1977 to an Egyptian mother and an Emirati father. He started acting at 7, and at the age of 19 he moved to California (USA) to study the arts of cinema.


His first feature length film “The Circle” was described by film critics as “a major turning point in Emirati and Gulf cinema”. Al Janahi’s second feature film “Sea Shadow” was released in cinemas across the Arabian Gulf in 2011 and reached in the 1st week the 2nd place in the top 5 movies in UAE, the biggest cinema market in the Arab world. Later, the film went on a global tour to 27 countries, the most remarkable tour for an Emirati feature film to date.


Beside making films, Nawaf Al Janahi is also the founder of a number of initiatives such as the Emirati Cinema Campaign and Black Box Cinema.

Jessica Damouni Headshot 2.jpg

Jessica Damouni

Jessica Damouni is an Australian-American actress and writer based in Los Angeles.

She was nominated for Best Actress for her work in the short film Choke directed by Rolla Selbak which premiered at Outfest in 2018. Her TV/Film credits include: God Friended Me (CBS), Crashing (HBO), the Oscar qualifying film Like Salt and Salam (Tribeca 2018).

She was a writer/performer on the sketch comedy group ToS Comedy and produced/acted in a workshop of her play Our House which is now in further development. 

Andrew Li.jpg

Andrew K. Li

Andrew K. Li is a Chinese filmmaker based in New York. A graduate of the MFA Film Program from Columbia University, his student film was shortlisted for a BAFTA nomination, his films have screened at festivals around the world including official selection at the Cannes Film Festival, ND/NF, SXSW and Toronto IFF.

He and his work have received fellowships from Producers Guild of America and IFP. Li has worked with actors like Michael C. Hall, Zazie Beetz, and Martin Sheen.

Currently, he is producing a feature and developing co-production projects.


Christine Solomon

Award-wining actress Christine Solomon's work has been exhibited, showcased, and displayed to millions of viewers in Egypt, Canada, and around the world

on major television networks and movie studios such as HBO Canada, The Movie Network, Rotana Group (the Arab World's largest entertainment company

owned by the Saudi Prince Al Waleed bin Talat), Ubisoft, as well as in print, online, and other advertising media.


Solomon has received a nationally-recognized Madbakh Awards for her work as an actress; she is also an important contributor for the award-winning productions in which she played a leading or critical role (HELIOPOLIS, BASRA, and BAFTA nominated RAINBOW SIX: SIEGE).

On the other side of the camera, Christine has served on the 25TH ANNUAL SCREEN ACTORS GUILD AWARDS TELEVISION NOMINATING COMMITTEE and has been an official juror at various prestigious film festivals across the country.

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