Nominees and

Official Selections 2021

NYWFF Nominations 2021

Narrative Short 

In the Company of Crows  - Rachel S. Thomas-Medwid

The Way To Snow - Fong Win

Inhale - Nasser Zamiri

The Set-Up - Malika Pellicioli


Experimental Short 

Dirt  - Helanius J. Wilkins, Roma Flowers

Bella - Sarah Stolar, Seth D. Meyers

Shivering wall - Tseng Yu Chin


Student Short 

Empty Spaces - Clara Stephanie Schieber Lorenesi

Midnight Movie : Magnum Opus - Myriam Khammassi

Coming to Light - Hector Bell

Documentary Short 

The Hill Witches of Nevada County  - Rick Beaty

The Romey Lynchings: A Story of Lebanese Immigrants - Josh Sabey

The River That Flows Both Ways - Kirk Muir Horton, Brendan P. Davis


Micro Short 


The Assassination of a Man - Daniel Riser

Convergence - Samuel G. Davey

Amparo’s Offerings - Leonel Chee

First - Time Director

Shimmer Summer - Tong Mao

Let the World go on Sleeping - Michael Charles Slavich

Young Directors
(18 y.o. and Under)

Distortion (Verzerrung) - Samuel J Punto

CAPTIVE - Philippe Vanasse-Paquet

PIMPLES - Jack Kendall

NYWFF Official Selections 2021

Narrative Short 

Matty Boy  - Dr Shahid Kamal

Frank - Luna Alaina

Double Exposure - Daryl Getman

Horn - Ghasideh Golmakani

Experimental Short 

ONE1  - Annie Y. Hui

Planet M in Outer Space - Peter Meng

Anxiety 0.60 - Vicente Mínguez Muñoz

"Realeyes" - Mimi Garrard

Student Short 

Double Protection - Jacqui Bril Ruberto

Mammoth - Jiamin Huang

Surrendering Nina - Jeremy Jung

Sempiternal - Maya Alfreds

Documentary Short 

Reclamation: The Rise at Standing Rock  - Michele Noble

Slick Willy - Derek Goulet

REYNA - Stella Franceskides

SFUMATO - Amirali Mirderikvand

Micro Short 

THE PEN - Jack Hsu

Do Geese See God - Natalie Theron

First - Time Director

Ritornato - Michael Cavalieri

Cacti and Weed - Zoe Ho

Help Me, Please - Sergio Muñoz Esquer

Young Directors
(18 y.o. and Under)

Death By Handshake - Hudson Flynn

The Humanity Test - Samuel Mitchell, Lily Kaplan

Her Rising in Grace - Sebastian Alexandre, Essence Bishop